Svit Zlin Program

Nas prozatimni program, jeste se bude hodne menit, vse vznika za pochodu. Pokud k nemu mate co dodat, dejte nam vedet 😉 Our temporary schedule, will be modified for sure, if you have anything to add, feel free to get in touch 😉 * obrazek je aktualni, text ne / pic is actual, text is not * * aktualizovany program uz brzy / updated schedule coming soon * Pondeli / Monday: 06-11 – Wake Up – Prevazne nove ale i starsi hity, spise na probrani a odlehceni, proto i nejake disco apod / Mostly new but also older songs, for waking up and easy start for the day, incl disco and similar 11-13 – Bon Appetit – Chill a lounge a dalsi pomale styly pro klidne zazivani, ve druhe hodine i indie a lehci house / Chill and longe and other slow styles for good noon, in second hour including indie and slowly house 13-18 – At Work – Energicka hudba, house, dnb, bass, electro house a dalsi pro prijemne tvoreni a inspiraci / Energic music, house, dnb, bass, electro house and other for good working and inspiration 18-20 – Night Shift – To nejnovejsi co se u nas v […]
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